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Elsie is a self taught abstract artist working primarily with alcohol ink and acrylic ink on a variety of synthetic papers, aluminium and plexiglass.  For Elsie, painting exhilarates and grounds her while allowing her to connect to a deeper side of herself, giving her an emotional outlet and visual voice. 


Growing up near the beach it should come as no surprise that the water and the sky would be her constant muse and inspiration. The organic flow and movement can be easily seen through her work.


When painting, Elsie uses heat to control and manipulate the natural flow and fluidity of the ink. This process allows her to create an ethereal image vividly highlighted by its depth, colour and movement. Her paintings are delicate, yet bold, playfully contrasting between light and dark. 


Elsie’s body of work ranges from small delicate ink paintings to large scale abstraction full of movement and energy.

Elsie will happily work with you to create the perfect piece for your space.

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